HFFL Universal Blast – 2020 – Playoffs Week 3 – The Final Showdown!

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This is it! The final blast of the 2020 season! The NFL playoff picture is coming into focus and the strong teams are rounding into playoff shape. The Saints flexed their offense a bit against the depleated and dejected Vikings D. Yeah, Kamara scored… SIX TDs!!!

Oof, that hurts as a Vikings fan, but if you had Kamara in fantasy, you probably won this week. More big points came on Saturday when the Bucs absolutely destroyed the Lions.

The Chiefs did NOT look invincible against the Falcons and it actually looked like they would go into overtime when one of the best kickers in the NFL came out to tie the game late. But…. it’s the Falcons.

The Bears still have a shot at the playoffs after a win in Jax this week with another big offensive day.

But with the Jets actually WINNING again, the Jax fans were all in on losing this week. They have now secured the #1 draft pick in 2021!

You guys HAVE to scroll through these highlights from the Raiders / Dolphins game from Saturday. The end of that game was just INSANE.

Seriously, this might be the clip of the YEAR.

And on Monday night the Bills took out decades of pent up anger on the Patriots as Allen and Diggs ran up the score on Coach Bill.

How does it feel, Bill?

Okay, let’s move on to the… you know what? Why not. Merry Christmas, Eric Horne.

Now let’s crown some HFFL champions and discover the teams that will ascend to the LOC next year!

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Things got crazy with points in the final week of LOC play in 2021! Scores:

HEADLINE: The Champions’ Champion is Here

It took all weekend to crown an LOC champ! Luke and Jim duked it out and showed that their teams deserved to play for the trophy. Each team got BIG games from mid-range RBs – David Johnson for Jim (25.9 pts) and Gaskin for Luke (28.9 pts). After a long weekend of games, Luke held a slim 3 point lead and Jim’s hopes were pinned on the Buffalo defense on Monday night against the Pats. And sure enough, the Bills D scored 7 points against the overmatched Patriots and it was JUST enough to take the championship! Congrats to Jim!

HEADLINE: Last Gasps

Two other LOC teams would earn the right to return to the league next year: the winners of the 3rd and 7th place games. In the 3rd place game, Caleb’s playoff disappointment continued as he got tangled up in Kamara’s historic week. Yes, once again a team had a monster week against Caleb and Eric also had the Rodgers/Adams stack to boot. So Caleb will go from 12-1 to a demotion next year. Meanwhile, Greg’s subpar game from Derrick Henry came at a bad time, but Diggs’ big game on Monday saved his season! Greg prevails and will return to the LOC while Zack is demoted!

Final LOC Playoff Bracket:

Final LOC Toilet Bowl Bracket:

Final LOC Standings:

PL Logo

In the PL, the Kamara points were found in the 9th place game, so nothing was really on the line there. Could the contenders find points? Scores:

HEADLINE: Defense Wins Championships

The PL Super Bowl was Stephen vs. Mike in a matchup that few picked to start the year. It was a tough game for both teams as each undershot his point projection by a decent margin. It just goes to show that defense is important in games like this. But Adams was the difference maker. After a scary week last week for Adams that Mike still managed to win, Adams came through with a huge week and sealed a title win for Mike! Mike’s “second half scrubs” lived up to their name and only lost ONCE from week 9 until the end of the season! Stephen on the other hand left Lamb on the bench, a move that swung the game. These teams will meet again next year in the LOC!

HEADLINE: Comeback Community

Your 3rd place game of Aaron vs. Liam saw Aaron build a big lead and then try desperately to hold on on Monday night as Liams Bills took the field. Allen and Diggs needed to make up a 21 point deficit to get the W and the LOC ticket! And as mentioned, they had no trouble picking up the needed points and the score swung in a big way! Liam went from down 21 to a 44 point win! And in the PL Toilet Super Bowl, the Bills figured prominently as well as Nick looked to hold the lead with Moss and Beasley and Eric tried to steal it with Singletary! Zach Moss’ TD was the difference, however, and it will be Nick ascending to the LOC. The Bills were breaking hearts all over the HFFL this week!

Final PL Playoff Bracket:

Final PL Toilet Bowl Bracket:

Final PL Standings:

EL Logo

And finally, it’s the EL, where again we had to wait for Monday night to get our final results! Scores:

HEADLINE: Buffa-Load

The EL Super Bowl, as we said last week, ended up being a matchup of the 5th and 6th seeds. Peter and Dan are LOC bound, now it’s all about the trophy. When Tyreek and Josh Jacobs underperformed for Dan, Peter saw opportunity despite a wide gap in scores after Sunday. Yes, Dan’s decision to leave Jeff Wilson’s 26.4 points on the bench created some drama. So Peter deployed his Buffalo heroes of Josh Allen, Diggs and Buff DEF and… well… you already know the end of this story. The Bills fireworks handed yet another win to a fantasy team as the Limbs secured the EL championship! From ALMOST missing the playoffs entirely and only getting in by virtue of having 4 more points than Jonah to hoisting the trophy! What a crazy run for the Limbs. But remember the 2011 season? The Limbs somehow made the LOC playoffs at 5-8 as the 6 seed and ran the table to the trophy then too! I guess it’s just a franchise habit!

HEADLINE: Overs/Unders // Successes/Blunders

The teams vying for 3rd place and an LOC berth thought they’d be in the Super Bowl. Instead, they watched their rosters crumble a bit against each other this week as both undershot their projections. Ron was the winner as Spencer’s great season ended in disappointment. Ron moves up! Then you had the Toilet Super Bowl, where the real fireworks were! Tom had Kamara and his 53.2 points, plus a strong David Johnson game. Jonah, however, was able to put up a great fight with Lamb, Crowder, Rodgers and Gronk. He came up 10 points short! Both of these teams would have EASILY beaten every other EL team this week. Tom wins the LOC ticket and joins Ron, Peter and Dan next year!

Final EL Playoff Bracket:

Final EL Toilet Bowl Bracket:

Final EL Standings:

hfflubtotw blast

As is tradition, we feature our 3 Super Bowl winners as our final teams of the week! Congrats to Jim, Mike and Peter!

housekeeping blast

As you may be aware, historical stats are kept for all seasons of the HFFL and are stored on the website. Full historical stats will be update this week, but career regular season records are already tallied and updated! Check out the stats here.

Amidst the standard W-L-T stats and winning percentages, we have “Power Points” tallied. This is a measure of how well you fared in your league when it was all said and done. If you win the super bowl in a 12 team league, you get 12 Power Points. If you finish 7th over all, that’s 7 Power Points. Last place is just 1.

With all that in mind, just a quick word about the career of Jim R. Jim won the first ever HFFL league way back in 2007, when some of you were in middle school. There were 14 teams in that league! Jim now has over 100 career HFFL regular season wins (the only team to cross 100 so far) in 14 seasons and three titles! What a career so far for this guy! Jim and Peter now join Eric and Hyatt as the only 3 time league winners!

Thanks for a great season, everyone! If you’ll recall, back in September I asked how many NFL games would get completed this season. Here were the results:

All 16 was the most popular answer, but we weren’t super confident and a large contigent though 11-13 was more realistic. Well, we got all 16 even if it wasn’t pretty! Thanks for rolling with the punches of COVID-lists, Tuesday and Wednesday games, late-week rescheduling, etc. No one threatened the league with litigation over perceived unfairness. You guys are the best!

Usually we officially close the year with a Hiawatha Men’s event in Jan or Feb where we present the trophies and additional participation awards. I’m guessing that’s off the table this year. So we’ll keep it a little simpler. The league reps be in touch with last year’s winners about passing the trophies along and will faciliate the handoffs.

Once again, thanks for another successful year in the HFFL. And we’ll see you next year!

Until Next Season,

Commish Peter

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