HFFL Universal Blast – 2021 – Playoffs Week 1

Thanks a lot, Covid, for jacking up the NFL schedule this week and wrecking havoc on the HFFL offices! Because of Tuesday games, Christmas travel and other challenges, this will be a sort of “mini blast” this week! No big recaps, just some scores and of course a Team of the Week!

It’s playoff time, baby! Let’s Go!

LOC Logo (1)

One GIF to explain the LOC:

Green Bay Packers Football GIF by NFL
“I own you!” – Eric to Greg probably

Here are your LOC scores and Brackets!

Current LOC Playoff Bracket:

Current LOC Toilet Bowl Bracket:

PL Logo

One GIF to explain the PL:

Conor Mckenna Waiting GIF by FoilArmsandHog
Is there a champion in this league right now?

Here are you PL Scores and Brackets:

Current PL Playoff Bracket:

Current PL Toilet Bowl Bracket:

EL Logo

One GIF to explain the EL:

comeback GIF by Quizizz
The Comback Kid dismatled the Packerbackers from the 6 seed!

And here are your EL scores and brackets!

Current EL Playoff Bracket:

Current EL Toilet Bowl Bracket:

hfflubtotw blast

Improbably, all the 12th place teams won in their Toilet Bowl openers this week, giving them HOPE for a magical, Cinderella run to the LOC! We’ll highlight Tom, however, who got a huge performance from Kelce and won in the LOC consolation bracket! Runner up shout outs to Hyatt (winning for only the 3rd time this year) and Eamonn (who negated Eli T’s ghost)!!

housekeeping blast

Well, this week was… something, wasn’t it? A classic Thursday game to start the week and a blundering, baffling set of games to end it. Now we turn right around and start again on Thursday! If you’re still alive in the playoffs, pay SPECIAL attention this week. There are games all over the calendar and the NFL could flex them again to try to dodge the virus. It’s chaos at the worst time! But that’s the game we’ve chosen to play!

sad joaquin phoenix GIF

If you lost this week, your LOC hopes are dashed. We’re sorry. If you won this week, hope springs eternal! And if you had a bye and you’re back in the action this week – you’re in for a real treat setting your lineups!

Super Bowl Reaction GIF by NFL

Until Next Week,

Commish Peter

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