HFFL Universal Blast – 2022 – Week 11

After last week’s Blast heavily featured the game of the year and the Vikings’ miracle win, I suppose it’s only fair to lead with the debacle that was the follow up. Credit to Vegas (who made the home team the underdog), but also to Ron R who told me on Sunday he felt a let down coming ala the Eagles NFC championship game after the Minneapolis Miracle.

While the current Vikings had trouble finding TDs, former Viking Cordarrelle Patterson made this happen.

If you stayed up for Sunday night, you saw the Chiefs rip another heart out on national TV. The Chargers seemed to have the game in the bag until this moment.

The NFL savagely denied the fans an epic snow game by moving the Bills/Browns game to Detroit.

The Bills took care of business in their home away from home.

Let’s finish with the Jets and Pats. Zach Wilson was having an AWFUL game.

And yet, the Jet’s defense had held the Pats to 3 points and the game appeared headed to OT. And then…

Believe it or not, it’s the FIRST punt return TD of the season in the NFL! Zach, any comments on this performance?

Alrighty then.

Let’s dive into the HFFL where some underperforming stars set the tone for a weird week!

LOC Logo (1)

The LOC had some down teams and one dominant one. Scores:

HEADLINE: Kicked in the Tight End

Many teams failed to even break 90 this week. Not Taylor! In his game against Joe, Yahoo favored him by only 2. When Joe over shot his projection, Taylor was going to need some fireworks. And he got them. Yes, Kelce’s 3 TD game certainly helped. But it was Cowboys kicker Maher that really stepped up! Maher’s 22 point week was a huge difference maker in this contest. Coupled with a loss by Comeback Kid (although the turmoil means he clinched his spot this week), this sets up an uncertain final 3 weeks of the regular season!

Current LOC Standings:

PL Logo

Does ANYONE in the PL want to run away with the top seed!?? Scores:

HEADLINE: Premier Pandemonium!

It was a bad week to be a top team in the PL. Of the top five, only Mahomesless managed to capture a W! All the 7-3 teams lost to seemingly inferior opponents! The bye weeks certainly played into this, but really it was the underperforming stars that took these teams down. Similar to the LOC, this sets up a highly combustible leaderboard heading into the final 3 weeks of the regular season! Can Nick G, Tom Mc and Allen S get their teams back on the winning track before time runs out? Or is this a true slide and opens the door for the 2nd tier to leapfrog them!? No spots have been clinched!!

Current PL Standings:

EL Logo

The chaos continues in the EL! What a week! Scores:

HEADLINE: The SKOL year is just beginning

The top three EL teams all took BRUTAL losses this week! Zack T, Aaron W and Tyler L all fell hard. But what’s this?! Two SKOL teams are making their moves! Jake’s Magic Skol Bus won to move to 7-4 and encroach on the top tier! Davante Adams finally seems to be living up to his hype on the Raiders! Then there’s Eamonn’s SKOL House Rock, who is the hottest team in the league! He’s now won 6 straight games and has come screaming up the standings! These two are poised to make things very interesting the rest of the way!

Current EL Standings:

Based on the state of the week, you HAD to figure the G League was very scary this week. And you’d be correct. No less than FOUR teams were sweating it out this weekend. In the end, the blade finally came for Luke A.

And there are definitely some incredible players on the chopped roster, but prices are getting a lot harder to agree on!

ALSO, surviving G League teams should remember that next week is our final DOUBLE CHOP WEEK! There are no teams on bye, so set your best lineup and hope for the best!

hfflubtotw blast

Yes! We honor the 6 game winning streak of Eamonn and SKOL House Rock! Looking for another chance to test is prowess, he’ll face down Zack next week, a juggernaut in his own right! SKOL indeed! Congrats, Eamonn!

housekeeping blast

It’s thanksgiving week! If you’re traveling, don’t forget to check and double check your rosters! There are a bunch of games on Thursday that you’ll want to be prepared for! No byes to worry about, so hopefully the points bounce back!

Also note, we’ve got 3 regular season weeks remaining before playoffs! It’s go time for teams on the edge of playoff berths!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Until next week,

Commish Peter


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