HFFL Universal Blast – 2022 – Week 14

Week 14 was overshadowed a bit by more injuries, including Kyler Murray tearing his ACL and some nasty concussions. Let’s focus on the weird though! Sure, let’s give the Lions some props for keeping their winning streak alive against the Vikings. They pulled out all the stops, including this play to a rookie O-Lineman!

Note to the Vikings defense: if a lineman reports as eligible, cover him!

The Texan and Cowboys played an inter-state that with the Cowboys HEAVILY favored. And yet somehow the Texans, who really look like they’re tanking, made this into a game!

I mean, are the Texans actually going to win this thing!??! Well, instead of kicking a FG to go up 6, they went for it on 4th and goal with a TERRIBLE looking play.

And that was basically it. So yeah, the tank is happening!

Here’s something you don’t see everyday: a rugby style punt!

The Sunday night game was pretty great this week. After literally every expert in the pre-game show picked the Dolphisn to win, the Chargers manhandled them and won the game. We still got this crazy Tyreek play though, which counted for 6 points only because fantasy doesn’t count yards gained off a fumble recovery!

And I think the Niners are just good no matter who the QB is. Mr. Irrelevant himself Brock Purdy, the last pick in the most recent draft, started and beat Tom Brady.

Meanwhile in the HFFL, the regular season is over and it’s playoff time!

LOC Logo (1)

The LOC playoff fields are set! Scores:


Eric M enters the playoffs with the #1 seed and a 5 game winning streak! Caleb, on the other hand, is in a bit of a slide. No matter as they both get week 1 byes and await their opponents. Taylor and Stephen snuck in with the final 2 spots, leaving the 6-8 crowd to scheme a Toilet Bowl playoff run instead. We’ve got some evenly matched teams all over the place in the LOC week 1 playoff. It should be very entertaining! And there still the big question of whether two former LOC champs could meet in the super bowl!

Final Regular Season LOC Standings:

LOC Playoff Bracket

LOC Toilet Bowl Bracket

PL Logo

Four teams PL teams finished 7-7 and only one of those could make the playoffs!!! Four teams finished 8-6!! What is happening?!? Scores:

HEADLINE: Ships in the Night

After rolling to a 7-2 start, Nick G has TUMBLED to a 7-7 regular season record. Somehow, he didn’t tumble all the way out of the playoffs. By virtue of a 45 point advantage in total points scored, he stayed ahead of Nate E and secured the 6 seed. Hope is alive, but he needs to turn his ship around. On the other end is Brian P’s Lovely Lads! Brian had a humbling defeat 6 weeks ago to … Nick G! Since then, he’s won 5 straight as grabbed the 3 seed! His first playoff opponent!? Yep, it’s Nick G again!

Final Regular Season PL Standings:

PL Playoff Bracket

PL Toilet Bowl Bracket

EL Logo

In the EL, SKOL house is back on track and a surprising #1 seed! Scores:

HEADLINE: Defense Wins Championships

Please welcome our #1 seed in the EL Aaron W. Aaron finished 10-4 while scoring only 1258.4 points. That’s 89 points per game. That’s fewer points any other playoff team in the EL and fewer than 2 teams who didn’t even MAKE the playoffs! How?! Well, it’s Aaron’s defense. He allowed only 81.4 points per game, the fewest in the entire HFFL universe! With a defense like that, you’ll win a lot of games. The question is can he sustain that against some juggernauts in the playoffs? With Nancy and SKOL house lurking, this could be tough!

Final Regular Season EL Standings:

EL Playoff Bracket

EL Toilet Bowl Bracket

Here’s a fun story!

Last week’s untimely demise of the Phantom Necks released top shelf players into a VERY cash-poor market in the G-League. Our interloper, Chubbthumping (Caleb’s friend), had the most pocket change left and essentially the pick of the wire. He took his shot at winning the league by putting out bids on all the big names, easily picking them up for $5 a pop.

It seemed like the rest of the league was in trouble. And then the games started. Here’s the outcome from week 14:

As it turns out, the Necks’ roster wasn’t so shiny after all and Chubbthumping was axed! With very little money left, the old-school waiver priority ranking will dictate the last few moves for the survivors!

Chopped roster:

So the G-league is down to the FINAL FOUR!

hfflubtotw blast

Greg didn’t make the PL playoffs, so his path to the LOC will be the one of most resistance. This honor, however, is mostly due to his continued show of strength in the G-league! Greg has been piling up points week after week. Now he’s in the FINAL FOUR!? Look out. Congrats, Greg!

housekeeping blast

We’re on to the fantasy playoffs! Remember, the top 3 finishers in each league earn an invite to the LOC for next season! Also, the winner of the Toilet Super Bowl in each league punches a ticket too! No team is out of the running yet!

Leave it to the NFL to complicate the fantasy playoffs by scheduling SATURDAY GAMES! We’ve got a triple header on Saturday, so make sure your roster is ready for action early!

Good luck in the playoffs, everyone!

Until Next Week,
Commish Peter


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