Asking the real questions about food.

In the start-up process for the league this year, we took the opportunity to settle a few lingering questions about how we categorize food! What do HFFL owners think about this stuff? Can we settle it once and for all?

Question 1

hot dog sandwich

So this is one that’s been debated for… years? About 70% of our respondents say NO, hot dogs are not sandwiches. But 30% are willing to entertain that notion.

Question 2

cereal soup

We pushed a little further afield here, taking on the definition of soup itself! Cereal is soupy with milk, but the overwhelming response refuses to go any further than that. And yet, 2 people at least see some probability here! I’ll leave it up to you to figure out who those people were!

Question 3

wings nuggets

You can easily influence survey results by the wording of the options for answers. Here, we see that 100% of people think boneless wings are just nuggets. The only difference is that some are more sure than others.

This, my friends, is the offseason. But we’re 1 month away from actual NFL games!

The next post you see in this space will be the official 2019 season syllabus!!! Rejoice!!!