HFFL Universal Blast – 2021 – Playoffs Week 3 – THE RECKONING!!

Remember in the preseason there were all these reports about the Bengals new WR Jamarr Chase and how he couldn’t catch NFL passes? Well, some saavy fantasy players drafted him anyway. And lots of those players are now league champions.

You know who ISN’T winning any championships this year? Antonio Brown. Something happened on the sidelines between him and his coach and Brown refused to go out into the game. So Coach Arians said “get off the field then”. And he sure did, quitting the NFL in a very Office Space kind of way.

All this while the Bucs were losing to the lowly Jets! Well, Brady very quickly replaced Brown with (checks notes) someone named Cyril Grayson?!?

The Eagles are in the playoffs and this is a fantastic Hurts highlight!

The Vikings are OUT of the playoffs after a hapless performance against Green Bay. It seems like changes may be in the wind in Minnesota? One thing’s for sure, we need to try to get the ball to… Garrett Bradbury!?!

Alrighty then! Let’s get to the good stuff! We’ve got new chamions to crown in the HFFL!

LOC Logo (1)

The LOC Super Bowl matchups looked to be pretty even coming in! It was not. Scores:


Mike and Ron seemed to be a great matchup for the LOC crown. Two teams ascending at the right time with no major injuries or Covid players between them. The main difference ended up being Chase’s incredible performance for Mike. Add in some other unlikely boom players (like Rashad Penny!?!) and you’ve got a WHOPPING 168.46 points for Mike to annihilate Ron’s team and claim the title! What a bonkers end to the LOC season! Mike’s team had no Scrubs on it this week when it mattered most!

jonny cruz song GIF by Hyper RPG

HEADLINE: Do or Die or Don’t

With both Ron and Mike earning return trips to the LOC, it was the 3rd and 7th place games determining the final returning teams. Luke managed to dispatch Eric’s depleted team to take 3rd and punch his ticket. The 7th place game was MUCH closer. Peter C and Stephen both undershot projections and were locked in mortal combat into Monday night, where Peter held slim lead and was hoping for a negative game for Dionte Johnson and Pittsburgh. But Johnson scored a first quarter TD to banish the commish from the LOC and give Stephen another voyage!

tonight show nbc GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Final LOC Standings:

PL Logo

In the PL, it was Jonah vs Taylor for the title! Scores:

HEADLINE: The Narrative is Complete

In what turned out to be a highly competitive game, Jonah completed his redemption arc and defeated Taylor by 5 points to win the PL! The Rodgers/Adams stack hit again, but it was Singletary that was the real difference maker. Rashad Penny ended up being the only bright spot for Taylor. Jonah gets the title and both teams head to big league next year!

Talking Green Bay Packers GIF by NFL

HEADLINE: Undercard Fireworks

In the clash for 3rd place and an LOC invite, Eric and Eli B where clawing all the way to the bitter end on Monday night. Eli was the beneficiary of the Chase game, but didn’t get much from the rest of his roster. Still he held a slim lead into Monday where Eric deployed a couple of Steelers and Eli countered with the Cleveland D! Najee Harris went off in a big way and Eric takes the game!

In the Toilet Bowl Championship, Spencer and Tyler were well matched. Then the underformers came out for Tyler while Spencer cashed in Metcalf’s big game and got the win! Spencer is headed to the LOC for the first time ever in his 10 year HFFL career!!?!!

Season 6 Win GIF by Friends

Final PL Standings:

EL Logo

The EL was full of high flying teams this week and one razor thin margin of victory! Scores:

HEADLINE: Winning when it matters… matters

It was Caleb vs Peter T for the EL championship, the 6 seed vs the 4 seed. Caleb snuck into the playoffs with a week 14 win and it seemed like he would be cannon fodder for the top seeds. BUT NO! Caleb lived up to his name once again, executing an epic comeback through the playoffs and capping it with a decisive win over Peter T. It was Amon-Ra St. Brown and Eli Mitchell that made the difference, just how Caleb planned it during the draft! Adams and Kupp didn’t deliver quite enough for Peter in the biggest game of the year. So Caleb is once again an HFFL champion.

Netflix Seriously GIF by Stranger Things

HEADLINE: The Final Two

In the 3rd place game, Joe got himself back on track and managed to outlash Jake’s attempted Monday night comeback to take 3rd place and salvage the playoffs collapse enough to win an invite to the LOC.

In the EL Toilet Super Bowl, Bob and Matt’s depleted rosters duked it out for the final LOC invite! No Lamar Jackson for Matt, no Derrick Henry for Bob. And while Bob did have Joe Burrow, the rest of his team couldn’t quite match that energy. Matt, on the other hand, did just enough to win by less than a point! An incredible game!!

sad peyton manning GIF by Gatorade

Final EL Standings:

hfflubtotw blast

According to tradition, I present you with our league winners! The First Family of the HFFL for the 2021 season! Congrats to Mike, Jonah and Caleb!!

housekeeping blast

That’s a wrap on one of the craziest HFFL seasons ever! Thus ends the 15th season of the league! We’ll be back in some form next year! Until then, stay safe out there and thanks for a great year!

Peace Out Reaction GIF

Commish Peter


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