3 League Schematic


The HFFL is a 3 league system. The League of Champions (LOC) is the top league in the HFFL. To earn a spot in that league, you must be one of the best. The managers who are playing in the LOC this year earned their spot by virtue of their high-performance last season. We’ll get to the formula for earning a spot in the LOC later on. The Premier League (PL) and the Elite League (EL) are the lower leagues in the system and are on equal footing. If you’re in those leagues now, the goal is to win your way out, but it’s never easy.


The LOC conducts an auction draft. Click here for auction draft FAQs.


The Premier League and the Elite League conduct standard snake drafts to select players. That means that the draft order in round 1 is 1-12 and in round 2 it is 12-1 and so on.

Draft orders are determined based on last year’s standings. Based on your finish you are assigned a “draft stock” number. If you finished in 9th place, your draft stock number for next year is 9. The higher your draft stock, the higher you’ll draft in your league. Last place teams with a draft stock number of 12 will draft highest. If two owners with the same draft stock number end up in the same league, a coin flip will determine their slot. Rookies will be randomly assigned a draft slot.


The rules are all outlined on your Yahoo league pages, so check them out there. However, I will mention (because it gets asked every year) that points scored on special teams DO count for the team defense. So if the Colts get a kickoff or punt return TD, the Colts defense gets those fantasy points.

The rookies among us will also appreciate a word on Weekly Waivers and Free Agent Blind Bidding. At the start of the first game of the week, any player that isn’t on a roster is placed on Waivers. These players cannot be picked up immediately by teams. If a team wants one of these players on waivers, they must bid on him from their imaginary waiver budget ($100). The bids are blind, so you don’t know if any other team is bidding on this player or how much they are bidding. Strategy is key here. Then on Tuesday, the team with the highest bid gets the player and the other teams keep their money. This levels the playing field for those guys who aren’t watching every game on Sundays looking for breakout performances and snatching those guys up. If no one picks up a player on waivers, then on Tuesday he’s a free agent again and anyone can pick him up, “for free”, immediately. You’ll get the hang of it.

Playoffs and Advancement

AKA, how do I get into the League of Champions?

At the end of the HFFL regular season, the top 6 teams in each league will compete for their league Super Bowl title and the bottom 6 teams will compete for their league’s coveted Toilet Bowl title. Now, when the playoffs are complete, the top 3 teams (the title winners and the 2nd and 3rd place teams in each league) will earn eligibility to the LOC for next season. ALSO, each league’s Toilet Bowl winner will also earn eligibility!

So that means that four teams from each league will earn eligibility into the LOC next season and the rest will be shuffled around into the PL and the EL! Any team that earns eligibility and would prefer not to play in the LOC next year (for whatever reason) may trade their spot with someone.

For the visual learners among us, maybe this may or may not help:

HFFL Playoff Advancement

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